By Morgan Lucas (she/her)

Packaging the app: ✅ Pushing to DockerHub: ✅

See Error Pushing to Docker Hub below for how I troubleshot the issue!

What is my app?

A simple static webpage I had created for fun a few months ago. I knew it would come in handy!


What did I do?

<aside> 💡 It should be Dockerfile, no extension. Dockerfile.Dockerfile is incorrect!


FROM scratch as static-site

COPY . . 

FROM nginx:1.16.0-alpine as server

COPY --from=static-site /app /usr/share/nginx/html


CMD [ "nginx", "-g", "daemon off;"]

From Mwiza Kumwenda (see resources below).

Make the package;

docker build -t [name] .

I wondered if I should use "start" in the CMD [ "nginx", "-g", "daemon off;"] list/tuple, but it worked without it.